About Liza

Liza is known for delivering life-changing presentations that inspire others to tap into their inner strength and achieve their goals.

Meet Liza

A survivor, entrepreneur, and international keynote speaker – a force globally recognised for her achievements and accolades.

As the 8th speaker in suicide prevention globally and a Golden Gavel Honouree,  Liza has firmly established herself as one of the world’s top 10 female speakers. 

Starting her entrepreneurial journey at 23 with zero startup capital, Liza attracted 4000 patrons to her Miss India International Event. She later successfully managed Mini Bar Piccolo, demonstrating her business acumen.

As an impactful entrepreneur, Liza established a thriving tailoring business with five stores, catering to prestigious clients like the Australian Open, Grand Prix, Marriott Hotels, international celebrities, and designer brands.

Recognized as a mental health trailblazer, Liza is the force behind  “Mind Hub Directory”  a global platform showcasing esteemed mental health experts. This initiative reflects her commitment to supporting those in need and has gained acclaim from corporate organizations through her keynote presentations.


Liza’s journey to success however, was not without profound challenges. Enduring childhood abuse, homelessness at 16, a life-threatening kidnapping, and single parenthood. Despite these obstacles, she became a self-made entrepreneur, showcasing determination and resilience.

Refusing to let her past define her, Liza emerged from poverty and despair as a beacon of hope, a testament to the extraordinary power of the human spirit. Today, she is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, captivating audiences worldwide with her triumphant story. Her transformative impact reaches Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Just Eat, Qatar Airways, Emirates and more. Liza’s guidance cultivates motivation and drive within organisations, fostering team building and propelling performance.

In addition to speaking, Liza is set to release her upcoming book “Conviction” sharing invaluable lessons from her journey. Brace yourself for inspiration as you embark on a transformative journey with Liza, unlocking limitless potential.